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The name itself an exhale. An invitation. A promise of welcome. Muscles release tension. Mind still to the present.


Say it again.


Welcome and wanted and safe. A haven found. Sometimes among family and often around friends.

Carried to the coffee shop and felt in easy laughter. Home increases joy and soothes sorrow.

And when two or more gather to embrace one another in friendship, home exists in that place.

It is a mind steeped in grace. A heart soaked in love. A spirit nurtured beyond the confines of this rude, mortal coil.


Encountered in the Father’s arms. Words of truth woven into a blanket and tucked around wearied shoulders. Home is at the feet of Jesus. And a flame like a warm hearth burning from within fragrant with the Spirit.

Declare it. Home.

And slower. Home.

Home is a breath away.


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