Under a Withering Sun


On the heels of incredible tragedy a young college student named Regina Leeman arrives one summer with journal in hand to record her life as she volunteers to teach a creative writing class at an urban recreational center. Overcome by grief at her recent losses, angry at a God whom she feels has abandoned her and outrunning another nervous breakdown, Regina sets out to bring meaning to an existence she finds increasingly intolerable. Her attempts to glean meaning while staying emotionally aloof from those around her are thwarted when she meets an attractive basketball star named Damion. He falls hard for the mysterious Regina and pursues her relentlessly. A Season’s End is an inspirational love story poignantly narrated by Regina as she struggles to function while in the grip of great sorrow. Little does she realize how Damion, the kids in her creative writing class and a kind hearted man with Alzheimer’s will give her the strength to face her family, her failures and her faith as she finds the will to live again.